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Church History

In 1955, Reverend Arthur Roberts became the first Pastor of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church (NHMBC), organized in conjunction with his wife Leatrice, and Sister P.B. Espinoza.  The church was located at 339 North Sierra Street; Reno, Nevada (near Wingfield Park).  Under Reverend Roberts’ leadership, the congregation purchased property at 1531 Plumas; Reno, Nevada (at Mt.  Rose Street and Plumas).


After Reverend Roberts was called to his next ministry, Reverend B.I. Skittern was called to pastor in 1959 and served for four years. 


Following Reverend Skittern’s departure, a community leader, Reverend S.E. Harris, was called to serve as Pastor in 1963.  Under his leadership, NHMBC purchased 1810 Helena in Northeast Reno, Nevada.  During this time, Reverend W. C. Webb and the Second Baptist Church family allowed us to use their church for services, for which we are forever grateful.


Reverend W.M. Wright came to NHMBC with a vision for the configuration of the edifice and led the membership into a property development project.  Reverend Wright preached his first sermon, at this site, in the basement.  Upon Reverend Wright’s departure, Reverend H. Griffin came to NHMBC preaching and teaching the Gospel, with an emphasis on Christian education. 


In 1979, Reverend Johnny T.  Collins, Sr. was called to pastor NHMBC.  With much prayer and reflection; the church was renamed Greater New Hope Missionary Baptist Church (GNHMBC).  Several significant events took place during this time: the church cornerstone was acquired/set, the parcel across the street was purchased, the parking lot was paved; and the mortgage burned.


Reverend Glenn E. Taylor, Sr. was called to pastor GNHMBC in 1985.  Under Pastor Taylor’s leadership, GNHMBC became a site for community, state and national forums.


In October of 1989, Reverend James Cox, Jr.  was called to pastor and he served until 1990.


In October 1991, Reverend Onie Cooper was called to pastor and served until October 1994.  He personally purchased and generously donated the GNHMBC sign that is, to this day, mounted in front of the church. 


From 1995 to December 2000, Reverend Ozzie Joseph pastored GNHMBC, during which time the GNHMBC parsonage was constructed.


Reverend Irving Gray was called to pastor from November 2001 to September 2010.  Under Pastor Gray’s leadership, Christian education and community outreach were emphasized.


On January 16, 2011 Reverend William B. Lyons Jr. was called to serve as pastor of GNHBC.  Under Pastor Lyons’ leadership, the church has reached out to the community hosting several major community events, including the annual Block Party, Harvest Festival, and Movie Nights.  The GNHMBC Family collaborates with local churches and local agencies to support feeding the homeless.  In addition, GNHMBC is committed to making our church family a true reflection of the Kingdom of God by exhibiting Christ-like character and embracing diverse cultures.  GNHMBC is moving forward in faith striving to fulfill the “Great Commission” - exalting the Savior, equipping the saints, and evangelizing the lost.

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